03 March 2008

Just when you though it was safe to get back in the water ...

… Washington Post op-ed columnist Charlotte Allen writes a whole column explaining how it is, actually, that women are … dim. (Honestly. Read this. It's a jawdropper.)

If that’s not enough to make you grind your teeth, we learn the House Democrats, having managed to actually show some courage and backbone a couple of weeks ago by standing up to the President and the Republicans on the Protect America Act (which actually means the Protect the Bush Administration by Immunizing the Lawbreaking Telecoms Act) may now be rethinking their whole position.

Spinelessness is easier, after all.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Funny, I just came from another blog that ripped Ms. Allen to shreds for that piece. Kind of a surprising viewpoint for a Washington Post colum, I'd say.

robin andrea said...

I had avoided reading that editorial, but since you insisted I read it. Yikes. It reminds me of a line from Annie Hall, when the Woody Allen character is talking to the Carol Kane character, and she answers, "Oh no, go on, I love being reduced to a cultural stereotype." I see that Ms. Allen is going to be online at 2:00 (EST). I might have to go check in to see if someone helps her raise her consciousness.