23 March 2008

Easter greetings

Now here's the way to spend an Easter Sunday morning. My friend J and her 9-year-old son Jjr (he calls me Tata Wren, which totally charms me) joined me for a nice springtime walk.

We took to the El Dorado Trail, J and myself on foot and Jjr riding his BMX bike, and made our way along the 2-and-a-half-mile, uphill trail to the crossroads. We hung a left and puffed up the long, long, winding steep road to Today's Goal, a yummy Easter breakfast outside at the Apple Cafe. Near the top, J snapped this photo of me being silly, but you know, a year ago I couldn't have managed even the walk, let alone the big hill. I feel good in spite of achy hands, and if I've a ways to go before I reach my fitness goals, that's all right. Getting out there is half the battle, and I know I'll win.

Once sufficiently stuffed with omelets and over-easies, hash browns and the Apple Cafe's signature biscuits slathered with the best apple butter this side of ... oh ... the Great Divide, we walked back. Jjr rode circles around us, then zoomed down the hills on his bike; J and I set up a pretty brisk pace and before we knew it, we were back at the parking lot, sweating lightly in the 70-degree noontime and pleasantly worn out. Five miles yesterday, five miles today ... five miles tomorrow? Just might do that.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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dorki said...

I shouda done that. Walking around the neighborhood is simple, but I let trivia and busy stuff get in the way. At least a set of sit-ups in the morning is better than nothing.