20 March 2008

12/50 - Karma babies

Went to a mall today. I bought some new clothes for my upcoming trip to New Mexico to visit my sister. Afterwards, I was waiting for Mr. Wren on the benches in front of the shop when a young woman with a beautiful baby sat down across from me. I complimented her baby and asked how old she was.

“She’s four months and one week,” the mom said proudly.

“My daughter is 26 now,” I smiled.

“Oh! You must have have been very young when you had her!”

She gets good karma points. I decided right then I loved her.


blue girl said...

I know the feeling! People just don't understand that a comment like that could totally make your day.

I always tell cashiers that they should card everyone in line when people are buying beer, etc. That that would be the BEST customer service ever! They always just laugh, like I'm joking.

I'm not joking!

Bubs said...

MizBubs loves being mistaken for an older sister. It helps that our eldest looks older than 19.