11 March 2008

3/50 - Sensual spring

Vernal equinox is still a few weeks away, but don’t tell the forsythias. Their whip-like limbs are studded with canary-yellow blossoms that fairly shout “spring.” Fat wads of vermillion Kleenex snared in spiky bushes: that’s the flowering quince. Daffodils compete for attention. Exuberant bird-arias fill the sensuous air. And after a long hiatus, the hens are laying lovely, big, brown eggs. Some days there are five. Each egg has a rich, orange yolk. They taste earthy and fabulous soft-boiled, then fork smashed on warm, seedy whole grain toast and sprinkled with crushed French tarragon. Add a pinch of salt – sublime.


Anonymous said...

yo dood. you have a nice flow and way of wording things. and i don't want to sound like a dick; it sounds like you are serious and love what you are doing. what i want to say might be hard to hear. and you can delete this right away if you want, i would understand. but... i think you are trying too hard. you're packing the description too tight. We need to breathe. It is really hard to write really well when you write that dense. And I don't think you are there right now. Maybe later, but I don't know if the heavy-handedness is worth it right now. I think it masks your positive points more than anyone would care to afford.
So that's what i am saying and I mean it honestly, but i only say it because you got a little something. An honest opinion is rare in this business.

I like to write too. If you are at all interested in some writing/idea sharing feel free to write me at zrudes@gmail.com

Wren said...

Thanks for the honesty, anon. The whole point of writing these is to try to improve, and without the occasional editor, one gets ... tunnel vision. I appreciate all comments.

blue girl said...

Wren, your post makes me want spring to come even faster.

Also makes me want to cook a big breakfast! Store bought eggs for us though. No down on the farm fresh here. Darnit.

Lucy said...


The forsythia pic is lovely. My little one and I got excited when we saw two robins in the yard today--signs of spring at last here in NE Ohio.

I'm hungry for a soft-boiled egg! I'm afraid it won't live up to your description.