05 March 2008

Flush twice.

Hillary Clinton rented an Austin men’s room for the national reporters covering her Texas campaign to work from on Tuesday. And that’s not all -- she kindly had tables brought in and even hooked up WiFi for them.

Yup, you read right. A men’s room. Complete with stalls and urinals.

She had a nice pile of tasty tamales delivered for dinner, too. The reporters chowed down. Right there in the loo.

After more than seven years of mindless cheerleading for the Bush administration, while ignoring the many massive shitpiles he and his corporate cronies have left all over this country and, indeed, the world, this was … a fitting salute to our national press corps, which has gone spinning down the toilet.

Way to go, Hills. Wow.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


dorki said...

Wow - Pressroom in the loo! That one hit home with me. Having grown up in newspapers and printing, I can say that it looks very familiar - the news room was (is?) strictly a Men's Room. I think the term "yellow rag" to show disrespect for a publication was probably a faded brown.

Bubs said...


Ugh. I can't believe they have so little self-respect that they accepted the toilet setup, but then to think that they also ATE in there...just...ugh.

MichaelBains said...

Wonder where they, uhh, went, uhhm, well, you know.