15 August 2008

Still hopeful

05 August 2008

Breathing again.


Good news.

Believe me, I’m glad. I'm glad even though they strung me along for nearly three months while I wondered and worried day after day, waiting when they didn’t call me as promised, lost scan results and found them again, battled over who would do the biopsy for the least money and took weeks to set up appointments that lasted, when I finally got them, only an hour.

The breast surgeon told me the odds were against the lumps being cancer. She said to try not to worry. And I tried. But how do you not worry when there's a chance -- 1 in 20 -- that it might be cancer after all? How do you not worry, while they make you wait week after week for the test that tells all, when each day of delay might allow a disease that kills so many to grow and spread?

Guess this one will go down in the books as my Cancer Scare Summer. Benign. Now I can start breathing again.