26 March 2008

18/50 - Illustration by degrees

Clicked on an ad the other night. It was for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It offers a BFA in Illustration.

I have always loved the art of illustrators best. Maurice Sendak. N.C. Wyeth. I love children’s books more for the art than the stories. But it wasn’t until I was married, working and had a child and a life that was far too busy to consider it, that I discovered one could get a real degree in illustration.

Tonight I’m perusing the AAU catalog. I’m an artist who dreams of illustrating whimsical stories. I’m also broke.

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Dragon Laugh said...


Mom, you can SO do this. Don't worryabout the money part- there is so muchfreaking money available for higher education it's amazing, if you find the right avenues for finding it, and that is exactly what the financial aid office at every school is for: finding YOU money, so that THEY get money.

Do it. Do it do it do it.

You would rock as an illustrator, I just know it! And then you could write and illustrate stories for your grandkids (someday). That would be cooler than anything anyone else's gramma does.