02 April 2008

24/50 - Taos flutes

We’re walking toward the old Plaza in Taos, when I stop and cock my head.  “I hear flutes,” I say. “Live, not recorded.” I listen again. “They’re over there.”

Mom and sister sigh as I make a beeline toward the ethereal, birdsong-like music.

I find the musicians: A white man and a Native American woman, playing a duet that wrenches my heart.  I love this music, always have. There’s a bench near them. I sit. “I’m going to listen for a while,” I say.

“I don’t like that music,” sister says. They wander off to shop while I listen, rapt.

Not part of the 100 words: The man playing the flute is Paul Jones, composer, recording artist, maker of gorgeous Native American flutes, and educator. His wife Grace Jones plays the flute and guitar, the Native American drum and is an accomplished artist. You can visit their website at www.kokopelliflutesoftaos.com .

1 comment:

blue girl said...

I love when I'm in a new place and suddenly hear live, beautiful music. I *have to* seek it out just like you did, Wren. There's something extra magical about it when you're exploring. It's like you've found gold!

And flutes? Beautiful!