06 April 2008

27/50 - Homely things

I’m back. The cat cusses me out for leaving him. The dog glares in silence, aloof and standoffish, pondering whether to forgive me. The Sierra spring came along while I was away. There are honeybees, now. The volunteer apple and cherry trees are bursting with small, pink, delicate flowers. The deep blue-purple irises are open, their yellow beards glowing, and there are red-streaked, yellow tulips open in the little bed by the back door. The day is bright but chilly, the breezy sky studded with maybe-it-could-rain clouds. I have soup bubbling on the stove.

Oh, it’s good to be home.


Lucy said...

Your photos are always such a delight! They make me smile. What kind of soup?

blue girl said...

Welcome home, Wren! Hope you had a great trip.

And....the prayer seemed to work!

Wren said...

Thanks, Lucy. I have fun taking photos. The soup is a sort of Moroccan lamb stew with spinach and purple potatoes. It filled in all the empty spots at dinner last night, very rich and savory.

Blue Girl -- I had a good time and had my horizons widened regarding the desert, which I'd never cared much for. Ended up liking it after all. And I said your flying prayer, believe me. I said it taking off and landing both times. Since I'm here to talk about it, it sure DID work! Thanks! :o)