22 April 2008

36/50 - Silence of the flimmers

Got behind on my 100-words-a-day-for-50-days self-challenge. It’s not that I can’t think of anything to write – indeed, I’ve been writing a lot. More than 100 words, too, so there.

Frankly, my 100-word posts, no matter what the subject matter, don’t seem to be getting much of a rise out of all youse guys out there. My guess? You don’t like them. True, Blue Wren doesn’t draw many readers. But 30-60 people a day do stumble in, most of them by mistake while searching for “blue flim”. Does anyone say anything? Nope. Days pass in Internet silence. And I lose interest.


blue girl said...

"Silence of the flimmers"


Wren, I don't get a ton of comments on my 100 word posts either. I think people are standing almost at a distance to see/read what you've/we've done for the day and then click away. I don't think it's because people don't like them.

I know that's not the case when I don't leave a comment here. What I *do* do is read your post and then see how you did it.

Lack of comments *can* really deflate the balloon, but don't let it! Everyone's reading and I can assure you, your posts have been great.

Carry on, flim provider!!

Dragon Laugh said...

I know whatcha mean mom. My 100-word-post daily journal thingy hasn't been updated in a few days either. Part of that is I haven't really told anyone much about it, so except for those accidnetal hits, I don't get much traffic. I've only gotten one comment, period, on that blog, and that was yours. Kinda deflating, like blue girls says, but at the same time, what I need to remind myself and maybe what you need to remind yourself is that this 100-word challenge was never really meant for others, but rather as just that: a challenge to ourselves.

Simply by writing we're meeting that challenge, as well as learning a thing or two about how we tick in the literary sense. Although comments rock, the lesson is the real prize.

I read all of your posts, but rarely comment not because I don't want to but because I'm not sure what to say or my computer at works sucks and won't let me or I simply don't have time - having read posts in snatches between PDFs and EPSs and pages and legals and all manner of far less interesting work-type-stuff. But, I read. And I nod.

Keep it up. :)

blue girl said...

dragon laugh? You're Wren's daughter? Cool! I wish I had a daughter who would comment at my blog...*Sniffle*

And speaking of comments. That whole thing is a struggle, isn't it? To feel (or fight feeling) happier about having written something just because someone else acknowledges that they've read it?

When I started my blog, I was very insecure about that. But, over the years have noticed that a ton of great writers hardly ever get comments. And I think it's for the reason that dragon laugh talks of. People don't know what to say or are too busy and think they'll come back or whatever.

Lots of times, too, I think it's because people feel like they are stepping up to a new lunch table in the cafeteria....filled with kids they like, but don't know, so they're shy. At least that's how I feel a lot of the time.

Keep on keepin' on, Wren! We're reading and more importantly -- enjoying what we're reading. We're just slack-offs who should tell you more often.

Wren said...

I feel a little silly. I was indulging some late-night self-pity and didn't have the strength of character not to push that "publish" button.


But hey, BG and DL-- THANK you for the
encouraging words. Writing is an odd taskmaster. I'm writing for myself, compelled by the muse, having a hell of a good time. That should be enough, right?

But here I am, boo-hooing that no one reads me because no one comments on what I write.

Self-absorbed, are we, Wren dear?

I know better, because I'm guilty of the same neglect regarding the blogs I read. What you both said about reasons we don't comment was right on. It really has little to do with whether I like what I've read. It's more about not knowing what to say, or realizing that saying anything would take me more time than I have. I'd have to stop and think and do some reasoning and that makes my brain hurt sometimes.

Anyway, thank you both for taking the time to give me a pep-talk.

By the by: You're both fabulous writers. BG, sometimes you make my jaw drop with the images you draw and the emotions you conjure with your words. DL, I know I'm biased, but your talent is so ... powerful. So rich. I love how you think and I'm so proud of you I hardly know how to express it.

And hey, BG -- it IS cool that my daughter reads and comments on my blog. It just warms the cockles of my heart. Or the heart of my cockles. Or something like that ...

blue girl said...

Thank you for your kind words, Wren. I'm always shocked to hear compliments regarding my writing. And I'm not just saying that. I really mean it.

Writing is a weird, weird thing. And I've discovered all of the weirdness because of blogging. For instance, how you wrote up top that you feel a little silly. I'll write something and then people will comment giving me support or whatever and I want to fall off my chair and die from embarrassment! lol.

I love talking about writing. It's comment threads like these that bring up a million different things you could discuss. And at these time, I really wish we could all be in the same room just really hashing through all our thoughts and ideas about writing and whatever else would pop up.

Ok! Now, I'm rambling.

But, thanks again for your kind words.

dorki said...


I read your blog almost every day and have always enjoyed it. I just do not normally comment unless I think it is important. I could have gone on at some length about things in New Mexico (Los Alamos, Bandelier, flute music, etc.) but I did not think anyone would be interested in my prattle. After all YOU are the writer here.

Keep up the good work!

Larry Jones said...

I hope it's not too late to say that I read all your posts and enjoy them. I use an RSS aggregator, though. It collects all my favorite blogs (including yours) in one browser window, and it saves all your posts until I read them, so over a period of days, when I am too busy to read, a few of them accumulate. When I do read them, the one thing the feed reader can't do is let me comment. Of course I can come here to do that, but I always think I'll do that after I catch up on the rest of the blogs in my reader. That usually takes too long, and then I forget. But please be assured I am reading, and admiring.

My blog is now almost four years old. It -- and I --have gone through quite a few changes over writing, reading, responding and being responded to. I have had to give up my long, shameful nights of weeping over the lack of comments, or even lurkers. I have disappointed my precious few readers too many times, and I can't blame them for drifting away. But I still feel the urge to write something every now and then, and my blog is my best friend. It's always there, and never lets me down. Well, sometimes it lets me down, but that's because of the server. The blog itself still loves me. I'm pretty sure of that.

But if you really want comments, my advice is write about sex.

Jeremy said...

I'm with Dragon and BG; I write for myself, and if someone comments, that's gravy. But it can be dispiriting, so here I am, adding my voice to the silent clamour that says "just because we don't say anything much of the time, doesn't mean we don't appreciate what you say".

It doesn't help that Blogger displays your comments so unattractively!

Wren said...

Aw, thanks youse guys, for all the kind words. I stand corrected: even if I don't hear it, trees DO fall in the forest.

Dorki, I'd love to read your thoughts on New Mexico. I was startled by my reaction to a place I was sure, going in, that I'd dislike intensely. Instead, I found the stark, even abrupt contrast between ugliness and beauty there fascinating. There seem to be no half measures. I'm wanting to pick up my old paintbrushes. I guess it captured me, after all.

Larry, it's not too late to say. Thanks for the boost. I think that writing, like all art, whether it's paint or music or words on paper, is both easy and monumentally hard, and as artists we're needy now and then. Thank goodness we can whine a bit and people will stroke us some. Imagine a world without Michelangelo or Mozart...

And Jeremy! Hi! It's been forever! Thanks for chiming in and adding your voice. I feel ever so much better now.