01 April 2008

23/50 - Cold again today

“They said it’s going to be really cold again today,” my mother says as I shuffle puffy-eyed to the kitchen and the coffeemaker after a long night wrestling with the Staffie over the bedcovers. Asleep with amazing determination, he’s a 350-pound dead weight.

Still sleepy and slow-brained, I stop. “It was cold yesterday?”

“Well, all that wind,” Mom says.

“Ah,” I say. It reached the low 70s in Santa Fe yesterday, with an occasional cool, gusty wind. It was perfect and refreshing. My cold-blooded mother and sister complained bitterly about the cold all day long.

We’re a family of opposites.

Update: Erk. Sister corrects me: Rocky is a Bull Terrier, not a Staffordshire. Her OTHER dog is a Staffie. She also assures me vehemently that it did not reach the 70s yesterday.  ;o)

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Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Rocky is one COOL-looking dog!