24 January 2008

Thoughts from the depths of winter

For those who dread the winter months as dull, gray and dead, I offer these photos. The one on top is of snow-glazed rose hips. If I close my eyes, I can bring to mind the amazing, velvety scarlet summertime roses. In the cold and dark of now, it cheers me to know they'll be back in just a few months.

The second photo is of shamrocks curling up from beneath their snowy blanket. They caught me by surprise this morning as I was out looking for pretty winter photos, and like the rose hips, they symbolize the burgeoning life that's sleeping, waiting to burst with the spring sunshine.

I keep waking up to snow. What a difference from last January, when it seemed like spring had already come, it was so dry and warm. This is normal, this cold and grayness. It's necessary for hope.


blue girl said...

Pretty photos, Wren. I love the shamrock shot. So pretty.

Madison Guy said...

Lovely, hopeful photos. If we gotta have winter, better with snow than not (within reason). Glad you got some this year.

Poker Strip said...

Bravo, what phrase..., a magnificent idea