29 January 2008

Be careful what you ask for

Started snowing again about 8 this morning. It's 5:38 p.m. as I write this. The snow hasn't stopped all day. Not once. The snowplows have come up our street twice now. Chain control on the freeway starts two miles below our place.

I'm ... heheheh... delighted. But I'm here to tell you, we haven't had this much snow, for such an extended period, for a good 10 years. As our first winter here started, we thought Camino got a little snow, a few times each winter. Nothing much to worry about, but it sure would be pretty. Well, that was a La Nina year (like this one is) and it snowed and snowed and snowed. It was still snowing off and on in May.

It has never been like that again -- instead, winters have mostly been like we expected them to be. Last year was an exception, too, though. There was hardly any snow, hardly any rain, hardly any anything.

This makes up for it.

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