30 January 2008

Be careful what you ask for II

This is a snow that fulfills my old childhood dreams but also inspires a little adult consternation. To drive anywhere, at least until they plow the street again, I'd have to dig space around the back tires of my car and, kneeling in the snow and with freezy fingers, figure out how to put the tire chains on. I haven't done this little chore in probably four years, and then only that one time. (Before that I had a four-wheel-drive Geo Tracker that I loved beyond reason. It never needed chains but it died of a blown head-gasket. I cried. I really did.)

I am grateful I don't need to drive today. The forecast is for little new snow during the day, but another big storm tonight. I am awash in wintry riches. My cup overfloweth. I'm all full up. I ... can't get to my mailbox without ropes, crampons and a snow shovel ...

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Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

You know, I posted a while back about moving away from Pittsburgh to a sunnier locale. It looks like we found one -- north of Denver. It's twice as sunny as Pittsburgh, but it's also a colder climate. So, I'm going to have to get used to more snow -- which I do like. Pittsburgh doesn't usually see too much of it. Those pics of yours would be a pretty major snowfall in these parts. But out near the Rockies, I'm sure that's not terribly huge. I fully intend to take up skiing again.