01 February 2009

Singing for love ...

Our local wren, as he sang for his mate in Italian musical terms:

Allegro, forte, delicamente, dolcessimo, expressivo, festivimente, fuocoso, animato, bravura, brillante, calore, con brio, gaudioso, magico, pastorale, scherzoso, soave, e sognando.

And in English: Brisk, loud, delicate, very sweet, expressive, cheerful, fiery, animated, bold, brilliant, with sparkle, warm, spirited, joyful, magical, peaceful and simple, playful, smooth and dreamy.

We heard this fellow while bringing in groceries from Costco a few afternoons ago. His song stopped Mr. Wren and me in our tracks as we listened and smiled and said, almost simultaneously, “Oh, I love that!"

To hear the Bewick’s wren’s songs, click here.

1 comment:

robin andrea said...

Love hearing wren sing its heart out. We saw Bewick's Wren when we were up in Humboldt County. They throw their heads back and really sing. Beautiful.