15 February 2009

Oh, this is fun ...

In the right-hand column you'll see a new widget I just posted called "Write or Die" by Dr. Wicked. I found it through Samcandide's blog "Otherwise" and thought, sure, I can do this.

So I did, setting a goal of 100 words in 10 minutes. As you can see by the widget, I beat my own clock! Here's what I wrote:

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so they say. I have to agree. How can you not? After all, the other days of your life are already gone. Yesterday is yesterday, lost. You can't do it over. You've really only got today. And today, there are so many distractions that keep you from doing things just as you'd like. Although today, I did do something just as I liked. I took a shower with the window wide open, and just outside, it was snowing and windy. I pretended while I was in the shower that I lived in Norway, and that soon, I would run outside naked and throw myself into the snow and roll around and get all tingly down to my soul before running back inside to get dry and warm and drink hot chocolate and maybe eat a big steamy bowl of potato soup with crusty bread.

Heh. Not Hemingway by any stretch, but it was fun. And great practice. Writing, like any other skill, requires constant practice if it's to be any good at all. I keep striving.

Give it a try.


blue girl said...

BW, your little story was fun! Ok. You've inspired me.

Write or die!


MichaelBains said...

perhaps, to write. Hmm, Or die.

Maybe it's the image of rolling nude through Norse snowfall followed by potato soup. W/ or w/o the crunchy bread, or maybe it's just 'cause I never appreciated Hemingway so much, but that was some nice hundred words together like that.

Hmm.. what if I die? Whaddu I do then?