06 February 2007

Still thoughts

I read this morning on the BBC News website that the Iranian envoy in Iraq has been kidnapped. It may be that he was taken by members of a militia connected to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, which operates under U.S. military supervision. That rumor hasn’t been confirmed, though a U.S. military spokesman says it wasn’t an Iraqi multinational forces unit that participated in the attack.

Mmm. Maybe, maybe not.

As each day passes, it seems more and more possible -- even likely, in spite of the public outcry against it in this country -- that we will soon be waging another mindless war of choice and opportunity with Iran. It will be a criminal catastrophe of such huge, world-shaking dimensions that it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around.

In the meantime, Congress wastes precious time playing one-upmanship games over Bush’s escalation of our current catastrophe in Iraq, along with a measure that would ban Congress from denying Bush the funds to wage war anywhere he wants to, anytime in the future.

Think about that.

While they compare penises, people are dying in unspeakable violence and America sinks deeper and deeper into the pit, eyes wide open.

On the other hand, I watched a beautiful moon-set this morning. The three-quarter waning moon shone big and yellow in a dark blue, watercolor sky, and slid slowly into the black silhouetted leaves of the evergreen laurel, the moon’s outlines fuzzing as a thin layer of cloud covered it. The world through the open window of my den was perfectly peaceful, perfectly still.

I’m feeling very small today.


Wil Robinson said...

This "kidnapping" by Iraqi troops has gotten very little attention...but I fear there is more US involvement than they are letting on.

Comparing genital size, huh? You aren't insinuating that there are predominantly men in the Capitol, are you?

Blue Wren said...

Heheheheh... moi??