04 February 2007

Hip, hip, ol' Chump ...

My good blogging buddy and fellow Chump Neddie Jingo goes under the surgeon’s hacksaw early tomorrow morning. He’s hoping he’ll come out of it with a bionic hip so he can show up Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk and, incidentally, race his dogs up the mountain near his house again.

Send him some karmic courage and good cheer through the Aether, will you? And take a look at his blog – the man has written a beautifully expressive guitar melody, played, mixed, recorded and posted it for all and sundry to listen to. All while zoned out on painkillers for the narsty hip. It'll make you smile.

He’s quite the Renaissance Man, our Neddie.

Update: I am the world's worst at music. Ned tells me in an e-mail: "I did arrange and perform that piece I posted, but if I'd composed it I'd be a far richer man. That was "In My Room," originally performed by the Beach Boys, and written by Brian Wilson, who, I'm convinced history will show, is America's answer to Mozart. " Heheh. OK, fine. Jingo made it new. Go listen.

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