28 February 2007

Last of the snow

More snow blew in last night. I know it's silly, but it makes me happy as a little kid. In winters past, I've always had to go to work, which meant keeping the car parked up on the road and driving down the mountain when what I really wanted to do was stay home and enjoy it. Snow is just rare enough at this elevation in the Sierras to make it a pleasure for those of us with Scandahoovian blood in our veins.

And, because I can, I've posted a few more photos. The first is what I saw when I got up this morning. The second, almond blossoms in the snow. And the third is the cat having a drink the the way he prefers it -- fresh from the bathroom tap.

To my relief, a nice young man stopped by today and offered to shovel the entire driveway for me. He left his phone number so that if we happen to get this much snow again, and I can't get the car out without giving myself a heart attack, I can call him. Price was good, he and his two buddies did the work in a fraction of the time I'd have managed it in, and they did it with smiles.

This should be the last of the snow for a while, though. Forecast is for springlike weather again by Friday.

On a much more sober note, the neighbor my psychodog bit in a misguided attempt to defend me has a blood infection and, as of last night, was in the hospital. I hardly know what to say. "I'm sorry" just doesn't do it.


Tom said...

Umm, Blue? I know you're a very highly intelligent person but just in case you hadn't thought about it, I think it's time for you to call your lawyer and your home-owner's insurance agent... right NOW. Plead with your agent to give your nice neighbor the biggest sweetest settlement they can come up with and plead with your lawyer to find ways to protect both you and your nice neighbor. This could be sticky for a LONG time. Your dog may have just raised your insurance rates by a whole bunch. I just hope your neighbor is as good a soul as you seem to be. Your neighbor is lucky to have you folks in the neighborhood but keeping peace in a situation like that can take a WHOLE LOT of care and prayer. Some of the prayer, I'm sending up for you but you need more prayers than just mine. Please keep us posted. THANKS!

robin andrea said...

What a shame about your neighbor and your dog. I'm so sorry. What a mess. I'm glad tom wrote the above comment. He's absolutely right about calling your lawyer and insurance agent. Good luck with all of it, and I hope your neighbor gets well very quickly.

Connie and Steve said...

We'll be thinking of both you and your neighbor - and your dog. It's very sad when something like this happens...