20 May 2006

Original sin

You really want to take a little time out of your busy day to read this Bobo Brooks takedown by the incredible Driftglass. Still catching my breath, but here's a teaser:

Here Bobo briefly lays a fleeting, terrified finger right on the artery
beneath which beats the poison that is destroying our country. Then he yanks it away and diagnoses the symptom correctly but lies his ass completely off about the name of the disease.

No, BoBo. It is YOU who don’t have the numbers to govern. You are
riding shotgun in Jerry Falwell’s Clown Car, not the other way around. You are the one who has made a career of telling people not to mind the madmen in the basement of the GOP, as they ripped the walls out, burned the deeds and carefully mutated the Party of Lincoln into the party of Jefferson Davis.

Right before your very eyes, and you did...nothing. Worse than nothing; you told people to ignore the lump in the flesh of their Party. That it was harmless. Just a cyst. Just the fringe.

While the carcinoma spread, people like you didn’t sound the alarm;
instead you smashed the alarm to flinders and then hid the evidence in your pillowcase.

While the racists and the Christopaths metastasized, people like you
told the Moderates that Dobson was just a fluke. Robertson was just a loon. Rush was just a loudmouth. Coulter is just a nut. That they could all be laughed off and ignored, and you did it for the same reason that in the old joke, the family with the crazy Uncle who thinks he’s a chicken never had him locked up:
because you needed the eggs.

You cultivated these loathsome cowards with the fascist tendencies
because you know without them the GOP would never, ever, ever win another election anywhere.

That is the Original Sin you dare not admit.

Read it all, Wren-friends. It's ... spot on.

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roxtar said...

Driftglass is going to be Minister of Information in the Roxtar Administration.