22 May 2006

Danger, Will Robinson!

I hear tell that the Wall Street Journal’s editorial poohbahs have got their panties in a twist over the mean, rude way those nasty “angry liberals” have been treating Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

I mean, really. What has the world come to?

(Does two decades of shit-flinging by Rush and the Republicans come to mind? At all? Iraq? Warrantless wiretapping? Abu Ghraib? Gitmo? Tax cuts for the top 2 percent? Medicare? Secret renditions? None of that rings any bells?)

This happened last Friday. First, a goodly number of students and faculty at the New School actually jeered McCain and turned their backs on him when he got up to speak during their commencement exercises! And ... and ... 1,200 students signed petitions disinvinting him from speaking at their graduation ceremony! And worst of all, one of them got up to give her commencement speech and read McCain the riot act! Called him to the mat over how Osama is still on the loose and there were no WMDs in Iraq. And it all took place just blocks from Ground Zero in Manhattan! The gall!

Whaaaaa... you don’t think the Bush Kiss had anything to do with that, do you?

No, that couldn’t be it. It’s just those damned “angry liberals,” messing everything up for the centrist Democrats.

At almost the same time, over in Connecticut, Democratic contender for Lieberman’s Senate seat Ned Lamont was dropping jaws all around, garnering 33 percent of the vote -- which puts him smack-dab on the primary ticket in that state in August. First time in a donkey’s years that Lieberman’s faced a challenge from within his own party. He’s ... stunned. Incensed. How could this be?

Hmmm. Bush Kiss? Maybe? Or perhaps it’s Joe’s tendency to forget which party he belongs to? Or maybe it's his callous disregard for rape victims, and his tendency to parrot Republican talking points, implying his fellow Democrats are traitors for speaking out against Codpiece's war of convenience. American deaths in Iraq -- closing on 2,500 now. Injuries -- up around 14,000. How about it, Joe? Maybe, just maybe, that's why there's a concerted effort to boot your sorry ass out?

Those dang angry liberals! They’re just rocking the boat! Don’t they know that the party poohbahs are annoyed? That the (dare we say it) the Republicans are annoyed?

Heh. Not half so annoyed as we are. Angry?

They haven’t even seen angry yet.

Here’s the link to the knicker-twisting Wall Street Journal editorial. Someone bring some smelling salts!

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Kevin Wolf said...

Don't you know we're not allowed to say anything about what these guys do or say?

Please. Get back with the program. Sit still and be quiet until November. Then vote for the properly approved candidates.

You'll get to like things that way. It's so easy!