16 May 2006


I just have to say this. I’m really mad about a bunch of things. Yeah, I’m a nobody. But I’m an American nobody, and I have the right to speak my mind.

Well, for now, anyway.

I’m mad because when Andy Card said, back in Aug. 2002, that “you don’t start a marketing campaign in August,” as he referred to whether or not Codpiece had plans to start a war in Iraq, no one really paid attention. He was quoted in a few news stories and then, everyone forgot.

I think you can reasonably compare it to the rumors that now, Bush thinks nuking Iran isn’t such a bad idea. Seen that in the news in the last few weeks? Thought not. Well, we’ll be hearing about it again, soon, I’m sure. Probably as it’s happening, when Bush interrupts our regular programming to tell us he’s just started WWIII.

I’m mad because ex-Secretary of State Colin Powell went before the United Nations and lied his four-star ass off about the intelligence we had on Iraq so Codpiece could have his very own personal war. Powell wasn’t misinformed about that intelligence, as he’s since claimed. I remember reading in the news how, upon being presented with a draft of his UN speech, he said “this is bullshit!” Didn’t stop him, though. I’m mad because he abandoned his own integrity – even his own philosophy regarding war – and knowingly betrayed the trust of the American people that day. I wrote him a disappointed and angry letter not long after he left the Bush administration about that, but (big surprise) he didn’t reply. I hope he sleeps badly, every single night as the ghosts of all the brave soldiers who’ve died horribly ever since visit him expecting an explanation.

I’m mad because his assistant, Col. Larry Johnson, also waited until just last year to tell us how he and Powell knew it was all bullshit. Shame on both of you.

I’m mad because former Ambassador to Iraq Joseph Wilson, who knew that Saddam hadn’t tried to buy yellowcake uranium for nuclear weapon production from Niger (because he went there specifically to find out if it was true or not, and discovered it wasn’t), waited until long after the war in Iraq was already underway to go public with it. What’s with that, Joe? If you’d written your damning editorial earlier, as soon as you knew Codpiece was using the bogus “fact” of Saddam’s attempt to buy yellowcake from Niger as a durned good reason to go to war, well, there might not have been a war, you know?

I’m mad because after it was clear there were no WMD in Iraq, we let Codpiece and his orcs keep thinking up new reasons for going to war, even though none of them were any truer than the WMD whopper.

I’m mad because Codpiece and the orcs lied about Jessica Lynch’s heroism and her heroic rescue – in fact, made it up out of whole cloth and even approved a movie of the week about it. And I’m mad about their series of lies regarding poor Pat Tillson’s death by friendly fire.

I’m mad that they continue to insist they have no intention of staying in Iraq for the long haul even though they’re building huge bases over there, complete with fitness gyms and Burger Kings for the troops – and they’re doing it while the Iraqi people are lucky to get a few hours of electricity each day, live with broken sewers and little fresh water.

I’m mad because they said deposing Saddam would be a good thing for the women of Iraq – another bald-faced lie. The women of Iraq were among the most educated, equally-treated women in any Arab country before we started the war. Now they don’t dare go out of their homes without head coverings, their jobs are gone and the mullahs have turned them back into slaves.

I’m mad because this outrageous administration shakes its finger at other countries regarding human rights at the same time it allows and condones the torture and rendition of prisoners in the “war on terror,” even though it hasn’t a clue whether those prisoners are innocent or guilty. And it has no intention of finding out.

I’m mad because they’ve destroyed America’s reputation and credibility all over the world.

I’m mad because they “outed” Wilson’s wife, clandestine CIA operative Valerie Plame, in order to get even with Wilson for raining on their parade (late though it was) and to send a message to anyone else who might be toying with making the truth public. I’m mad that they compromised this nation’s security when they did so, since her job was to help find and stop nations and individuals who might be dealing in stolen nuclear bomb components. I’m mad because even now, that more than two years later, no one has been punished for this atrocity.

I’m mad because they put two rabid right-wingers on the Supreme Court, and while there was a lot of bloviating about it, few tried with any seriousness to stop them. Congressional Democratic leaders? I’m talking to you.

I’m mad because Codpiece filled the employment roles at FEMA and the Dept. of Homeland Security (and who knows what other important departments) with cronies who couldn’t find their own assholes in the dark without a flashlight. In fact, I’m mad the Dept. of Homeland Security even exists. What a bad, sad – even deadly -- joke.

I’m mad that there’s still no effective security at our nation’s ports, nuclear and chemical facilities, or borders – and I’m not talking about Mexican workers coming over illegally to work for Americans who gladly pay them peanuts. Want to stop illegal immigration? Go after the hypocrites who hire them, and it will stop.

I’m mad that illegal immigration from Mexico is even an issue, considering everything else that’s gone to shit in this country.

I’m mad that Codpiece thinks he’s above the law of the land and, instead of booting the orc-king out of office, we sit on our thumbs. I’m mad that he’s wiretapping our phones and looking at our e-mails and Internet use without a warrant. Asshole.

I’m mad at the New York Times for holding their bombshell of a story about the warrantless wiretapping until after the 2004 presidential election. What in the fuck were they thinking about? Bill Keller, you have some ‘splainin’ to do.

I’m mad at the barely-over-half of Americans who voted these evil men and women back into office for another four years. I want them all to have to attend to remedial civics classes.

I’m mad at the Republican right wing for using their idiotic religion to force our entire nation to be violent, openly bigoted against minorities of all genders, beliefs and colors, oppressive when it comes to women’s right to choose and in regard to all the other civil rights we hold so precious. And force the rest of us, who don’t believe in their hoodoo, to go along to get along.

Well. I'm just getting started, but I feel better now. Don’t you?

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Mojo said...

Codpiece and the orcs??
Wren, you are on your game. You should get mad more often.
Bloviating? I am increasing my vocabulary with every post.
As for the immigration discussion, that odor of old seafood in the air is the large red herring being floated from Washington.
They have health clubs and Burger Kings in Iraq?? Sounds pretty good. No wonder our troops are so happy to be there.
By the way you don't really have to go along completely to get along. Remember what Edward Bulwer-Lytton said.

Codpiece and the orcs. Man, that is rich. - Mojo