04 July 2008

The Great Experiment

We've hit a few bumps in the road. The New Millennium has proven, early on, to be full of potholes. But we're still here, still strong, still independent, and we still have more rights, and more freedoms, than many other people in this big old world. It's worth fighting for. It's worth hanging onto.

Now I'm off to shuck fresh corn on the cob and make a fruit salad for the fambly get-together. Happy Independence Day!

Update: Morbo over at Carpetbagger Report put together a thoughtful post about what true patriotism is. Hint: It's not wearing a cheap pin in the shape of the American flag on your lapel.

A taste:
-- "Being a patriot means listening to those with whom one strongly disagrees and respecting their right to make an argument that may seem ill-considered, simplistic or even offensive."
-- "Being a patriot means we extend the full protection of the law to those accused of crimes – even when it looks almost certain that they are guilty."
-- "Being a patriot means understanding that “public” is not a dirty word and that we’re all in this together."
-- "Being a patriot means never accepting a measure of fear from the state."

-- "Finally, being a patriot means being a citizen of the world."

Here, here.

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