13 August 2007

Turdblossom to spend more time with family

I’m sure you’ve heard the big news: Karl Rove, a.k.a. “Turdblossom,” “Bush's Brain” and “Grimá Wormtongue,” this morning announced his resignation as Codpiece’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor, effective at the end of the month. The official reason? He wants to spend more time with his family.

How nice.

Rove’s stench has been getting stronger and stronger since the 2004 elections and reached truly eye-watering proportions after Nov. 2006. Now he joins Powell, Rumsfeld, Bolton, Card, Perl and Wolfowitz on the odiferous rubbish heap that’s growing higher by the day behind the White House. Not one of them has regained anything resembling credibility since leaving the Bush administration – nor should they.

Ah, but wait. Cheney’s been talking up attacking Iran again lately. Maybe they kept Ol’ Stinky around as long as they did to help lay down the spittle-slick spin for the warmongering, fear-filled Iran-plus-terror propaganda campaign now underway. You don’t think they’re doing that again, just like they did in the year before they launched the disaster in Iraq? Note, then, the sudden prevalence of the abrupt rise of that scary “al Qaeda in Iraq” and how Iran is allegedly giving armor-piercing bombs to Iraqi insurgents (the better to blow up our soldiers) along with other forms of support, both moral and financial. Hear those niggly whispers: “Bad Iranians. They support terrorists. They are terrorists. Islamofascists. They want to build nukes. They’d like to blow up Israel and they’d sure like to wipe us out. They call us the Great Satan. Nasty Iranians. Crazy Iranians! Gotta get them before they get us.”

Mmm. That pre-emption thing worked so well in Iraq.

We have Karl to thank for so many things, not least of which is the vicious, successful undermining of our Constitution. As Josh Marshall over at TPM says, “... Rove is connected to pretty much every instance of high-level wrongdoing.” Oh, yeah. And don’t think his decision to resign was just because his wife wants him rattling around the house (the poor woman) helping her with the redecorating. No, I think it’s probably because of all those ongoing investigations. They’re heating up and Karl’s scat is everywhere. Like Tom DeLay, eventually the Law will corner him, but until it does, he can work quietly behind the scenes to smear more kaka on everything he touches.

Karl Rove is toxic. He’s resigning, but I doubt he’ll be out of the game. After all, even if he goes back to Texas to raise hothouse Venus flytraps and pitcher plants in his basement, he’ll only be a phone call away from the Deciderer. His resignation is nothing more than a bait-and-switch, a distraction. Mark my words.

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Beenzzz said...

I agree. It does wreak of a bait and switch.