24 August 2007

Slept in

No walkies today. Decided to sleep in a little and let the ol' muscles (Mr. Wren assures me there are muscles under the fluff, really!) rest. I figure it's OK because I forgot to count last Sunday morning's 2-mile walk in the total I crowed over in the last post. Actually, I've walked 14 miles this week. (Re-cue Rocky theme.)

So I slept in for an hour, got up and caught the cat in an unguarded moment of debauch, then stepped out to the back garden, camera in hand. Here you can see what happens when Mr. Wren is allowed free rein with the Miracle Gro.:the Dreaded Morning Glories have taken over once again and the garden is in a near-wild state. The last shot is of what an artichoke looks like if you don't eat the 'choke, in case you wondered.

Yes, there are far more important things than a lazy cat and an overgrown garden to write about. And writing about trying to replace my fluffy self with a sleek, buffed self is self-indulgent, at best and untrammeled vanity at worst.

So shoot me. I'm proud of myself, the cat cracks me up and to me, the garden is ... awe-inspiringly messy. It's a profusion of life, a deadly struggle for dominance and quite breathtakingly beautiful. As far as I'm concerned, it's all very cool.


Max Rainey said...

kitty sez
"What? What eez eet, my dahrlink? Do not rush away. come back to bed, sleep here beside me, ma petite."

yours in the struggle,


blue girl said...

It *is* all very cool. And I so much love your wildly overgrown Morning Glories. Gorgeous! I can't grow a dang thing, so the bigger, fuller, more out of control a plant can get! I say, so be it! Especially when they also have beautiful blooming flowers.

Have a great weekend, Wren.

Dragon Laugh said...

Awwwwwww, Puss In Boots! I miss him. What a great shot!

Dragon Laugh said...

ps - that's my desktop piture now :)

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

That's one tired looking cat!