27 August 2007

Horrible thought ...

Rove resigns. Gonzales resigns.

Who's next? Well ... Bush. George Dubya resigns. Who takes over for him?

Dick Cheney. And the nefarious plan is complete.

You think I'm kidding.



MichaelBains said...

Oh man!


Oh, but wait a sec. Nope. I'm not worried, because $hrub's ego is too damned big.

{whew!} Who'd've ever though that would come in handy?

A Big Fat Slob said...

Even worse . . . . Cheney resigns for health reasons and Bush nominates Jeb . . . . who then runs in '08 as an incumbent VP . . . .

blue girl said...

Yeah, I think MB is right. GWB's ego is way too big to step down from anything.

But a big fat slob's theory is a good -- if very scary -- one.

Kevin Wolf said...

Just the name Dick Cheney qualifies as a horrible thought.