08 November 2006

The work begins

I feel like a kid who, having always been chosen last for the team, suddenly makes second string. Pleased, not quite believing, but determined to work really hard, practice like mad, and make first string next season.

Here in California, corrupt ol' John Doolittle held onto his 4th District seat in the House, a disappointment because Democrat Charlie Brown was snapping at his heels throughout the race. Doolittle had to spend huge amounts of money to hang onto his seat, and the point spread at the end was not very wide -- not at all like Doolittle has been used to over the last 16 years. I hope Brown will try again next time. There's a good chance he'll do it.

Thanks for voting, America. Now this is a mandate. And there's a lot of work to do.


Kevin Wolf said...

That's how I feel. Now the work starts.

I'm cynical about the Dems, believing - after their performance these past five years - that they will not take the fight to Bush unless pushed.

Let's start pushin.'

roxtar said...

When Doolittle gets indicted, there will be a special election. Don't throw away those lawn signs just yet.

Wil Robinson said...

Very upset to see Doolittle win - it actually wasn't that close.

Hammersley would have been a better choice - he was more conservative and would have appealed to the Repubs in the district more than Brown.

Blue Wren said...

Hiya Wil ...
According to the TPM Election Central Scoreboard (http://www.tpmcafe.com/race/overview)
Brown got 46% and Doolittle 49%, with 100% precincts counted. That's darned close, and I'm betting Doolittle is shook, considering that his district has always been pretty comfortably conservative. In El Dorado County, the split was wider, with Doolittle getting 50% to Brown's 44%, and a Libertarian candidate taking 5%.

In 2004, Doolittle won handily with 69%, and in 2002 he won with 65%, and in ... well, you get the picture. And in this year's race, Doolittle had President Bush raising money for him directly. Brown gave him a scare. I think Roxtar's right -- Doolittle may not be around for whole lot longer, and perhaps Brown will have another chance at the seat.

Wil Robinson said...

Whoa--I hadn't checked the numbers since it was around 50% precincts reported - it ended much closer.

Perhaps two more years is all Doolittle will get (or, as Roxtar said, a special election to replace).