06 June 2006

Wren's garden

After I wrote about the Master Gardener miracle a couple of days ago, some of you wanted to see photos. Well, I cornered the fledgling and made her give me her digital camera (mine is at work, as usual), and went out this afternoon and shot some. I'm no pro at photography, but here they be. Forgive the long download times.

This is the front garden, right next to the carport. The big boulder at the lower left is obsidian -- the edges are razor sharp. Mr. Wren brought it home about five years ago. It almost flattened the back tires of his Toyota pickup, it was so heavy. We won't even talk about what it took to get it from the pickup to where it sits now.

This is the gate that leads to the back gardens. The damask roses climb over an arbor made out of bent rebar by Mr. Wren about three summers back, and they're growing and blooming like wild this season. The arbor sits right in front of my den window, so I get to enjoy them as I work inside. The psycho dog, who's usually very shy about having his photograph taken, insisted on being in this one, but refused to look into the lens.

There are more, but Blogger is being grouchy and I'm getting all tuckered out. I'll try uploading them again tomorrow. Good evening, all!

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LaLisa said...


Not only is your garden magical, your pup is riot. Thanks for sharing.

-Mrs. Dog