09 June 2006

Wren's garden II

As promised, more Wren's garden photos for you gardeners and garden-lovers. And thanks once again to Mr. Wren's Master Gardener friends.

This is another shot of the damask rose, covering the rebar arbor Mr. Wren made. You walk under the arch to get to the back garden.

The side garden in front. The roses are just beautiful this year -- and beneath them at bottom left is heather, a great favorite of mine.

This is the path back to the gate with the arbor. The roses in the foreground are climbers Mr. Wren planted in 1997.

Such a relief! These roses, planted along the south side of the house, were completely enveloped by the perennial morning glories Mr. Wren planted for the fledgling three summers ago. She wanted a green curtain to block the hot sun in her window. They grew -- and then they grew, and grew some more. Finally, they were completely out of control. The MG's pulled them all out, and the buried roses are doing just FINE now, thank you!

Ahah! Morning glories that escaped the eagle eyes of a gaggle of gardeners. I guess they got excited about last year's gourds, planted and grown for a gourd-craft project that hasn't quite come to fruition yet. The morning glories have gorgeous purple-blue blossoms, so I'm planning to let these grow, but keep my nippers handy in case they have aspirations of taking over the house again.

Can you tell I love roses? When Mr. Wren and I got together again in the mid-90s, and he was nursing a yen to stick his hands into the dirt and see what happened, I mentioned that I loved roses. He wrinkled his nose. "Too much work," he said. Next thing I knew, he was bringing home roses. And more roses. And now, he loves them as much as I do.

Looks like that's all Blogger is going to allow me to upload, for now. There are more photos, but I'll post them later.

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treepeony said...

Thanks again, Blue. I wish I had a digicamera so I could reciprocate.