06 June 2006


June 6, 2006.


Hi, everyone. Just a quick post before I mosey on off to work to note that it is now 7 hours and 38 minutes into Rapture Day and so far ... well. I haven't noticed any headlines yet screaming about thousands -- nay, BILLIONS -- of Christians worldwide rising into the air to meet their maker.

I wonder if God has slow mornings, like the rest of us. Maybe He hasn't had His coffee yet. Maybe the Archangel Gabriel forgot to set the brew timer on the pot before he tucked into bed early for the Big Day. Or maybe God rolled out of His cushy cloud bed with a thumping headache and said, "You know? I'm just not up to this today. SO many guests all at once! What ARE we going to DO with them all?! Jeezus, Jesus! Put down that Flaming Sword and chill, will you?"

Frankly, I'm disappointed. Like Roxtar over at Black Sky Theory (link at right), I was really looking forward to getting a new car today, assuming the Raptured Christers who rise leave their cars behind, keys in the ignition. I'm not looking for much, just a little Jeep or something I can tootle around in while covering the Smiting of the Unbelievers for my little weekly.

Oh, well. I guess there's still time. We have another 16 and a half hours before it's 676 and we can all relax and get on with things.

I'll check back later to update you on the Developing Situation. Have a great day!


A Big Fat Slob said...

World will not end until after tonight's baseball game --- it's the Angels vs. the Devil Rays.

Neddie said...

I had a hopeful moment when I noticed the holy-roller two cubicles over had disappeared, but it turned out he'd just gone to the crapper for his Daily Meditation. Dang.

Wren said...

Slob, you'll have to let me know who wins that one -- honestly, I'm not sure if it's the Heaven or Hell side we should be rooting for.
And I keep waiting, but the lady that leaves the scripture tracts in the lunchroom hasn't disappeared yet, either.