12 April 2006

It's raining, it's pouring ...

Heard a rumor yesterday: It's going to rain for three more months!

The woman I heard the rumor from said she'd heard it on some news weather segment. Apparently the prognosticator said that the weather patterns are set up to run wet storms into the region one after another.

It's almost mid-April now, so that would mean rain, almost every day until mid-July. Cool, wet, rainy days deep into summer.

Hey, I'll take it. Call me crazy, but I like rain. I like storms and wind and thunder and lightning. I like being cool and since I'm in that phase of life where I generate my own personal heat wave five or six times each day -- and as many all night -- I get to be hot and sweaty (no, you're glowing! my friend says) more than enough already. Summer -- with its oppressive heat and relentless sun -- can just stay away, far as I'm concerned.

Honestly, given my druthers, I'd be living in a part of the world where it rained long and often as a normal thing. How odd is that? Here in California, where most people live because of the warm, sunny, dry climate, it's pretty odd. I live here because it's where my family ties are, but that's the only reason.

And now, I hear this rumor. Three more months of rain! Global warming causes regional cooling, and a delighted segment of the population heaves a great, pleased sigh of relief.

Rain. More later.

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