11 July 2009

100 words – Day 3 of 50: Firewood in summertime

Mr. Wren and I bought three cords of firewood this week. We had it delivered – read “dumped on the driveway” – and then stacked, all ready to go. We won’t need it for three or four months, but there’s a quiet security to knowing our
winter’s warmth is already paid for and waiting. Now we’ll have the chimney sweep out with her odd, spiky brushes and traditional black clothes. She brings us good luck: no chimney fires in bitter February.

The almond wood smells spicy-dry. It evokes chilly days and warm sweaters in the middle of short-sleeved, barefoot summer. I’m smiling.


JBeaufort said...

Very glad to see that your muse has returned, Wren.
I too am looking forward to winter, I need to clear out some scrubby oak trees, which will work quite nicely in my new fireplace insert.

Wren said...

Thanks, J. I'm glad, too. They say firewood warms four times: Once when you cut the tree; once when you split the wood; once when you stack it and once more when you burn it. --W