21 July 2009

100 words - Day 10 of 50: Fat clothes

I have three big bags full of clothes. I’m donating them to the local hospice thrift store; I need the closet space. Some of the clothes are pretty old. Some are almost new. They’re my “fat clothes.”

They’re all up to four sizes too big for me now. Today I wear the size I wore about 20 years ago.

This is a big step for me. I’ve never banished my “fat clothes” before; I was afraid I’d need them again. But I know I won’t. I’ve learned.

Those stuffed bags represent decades of blumphy discomfort. They no longer weigh me down.


JBeaufort said...

Congratulations on both dropping the weight and helping a worthwhile charity...both achievements worthy of celebration!

blue girl said...

I second JB up there! Great, great, great.

Every time I go through my closet and see my skinny sizes, my medium sizes and my heftier sizes, I think of something I once read about Marilyn Monroe. She had a closet full of the same thing! From size 4 to size 16!

NOT that I'm MM, (hahahahahaha!) but that story's always stuck with me. And makes me feel good.