25 September 2008

VP material

You know, watching this, it occurred to me that I am far more qualified than Sarah Palin to be Vice President of the United States. I'm fairly well traveled, I've worked for the Department of Defense, I pay attention to the news and politics in my country and state and hey, I'm a quick study, too.

*sigh* But nobody asked me.


Bill Stankus said...

Oh god, that was painful to watch. Could she be any worse? Softball questions from Katie C. - good grief.

If America is indeed "God's Country" I think He left us and decided to watch out for the creatures on Zircon 24X.

I'm still trying to figure out the reasons the NEocons put her up for VP - there's an angle somewhere... and it won't be good for the majority of us.

Larry Jones said...

Would it be terribly sexist of me to say she is full of shit?

Bill Stankus said...

Careful Larry, she's packin' heat and First Dude is always lingering around somewhere.

Wren said...

Bill: I think the reason Palin's in the race is that they're hoping to establish a Christianist in the White House. Given the power the Vice Presidency has now, thanks to Cheney, getting her in there would be a good way to push America further toward a theocracy over the next several years. The very thought makes me shudder. Fortunately, she's incredibly dumb, and McCain isn't much better, given his antics the last few days. If we're very, very lucky, they'll lose the election. Knock wood.

Larry: You can say Sarah is full of shit if I can say McCain is, too. Fair enough?

Bill: Three to one she couldn't hit the side of a barn with a hand gun. Huntin' mooses with a high-powered rifle and scope is a LOT easier, but really tough to conceal under a skirt.

Sketch said...

I'd so vote for you, and not just cux you're my mom! :)

As far as why McCain chose her, how about all that wonderful oil that's supposed to be up there in Alaska, just ripe for the drillin'? Seems like a terribly convenient way to pave the way for finally actually doing it, and bowling over dazzling any opposition to it with that disgusting "God loves me" smile.