23 September 2008

Let's ALL be banks!

Madison Guy has a great idea -- he thinks becoming a bank holding company would work out just dandy for everyone:

"If it works for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, why can't it work for me? With the biggest banking bailout giveaway in U.S. history shaping up in Washington, it seems to be the only way to get in line for the gravy train. I know I would be a very small bank, but I think even the smallest bank is entitled to consideration."

Go read. He just made me smile for the first time today.

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Bill Stankus said...

After this week and then last night's President Liar's speech - I still can't smile. I keep thinking about the photos of people and their rough times during the Great Depression. Has anyone done a comparison between Herbert Hoover and the Reagan-Bush1-Bush2-McCain cabal?