23 February 2008

Still seething ...

Updating yesterday’s post:

The Keystone Kops Secret Service responded on Friday to incredulous inquiries by the Dallas Star-Telegram regarding the security laughed off provided during a huge rally (attendance: 17,000) in Dallas on Wednesday morning for presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama:

“The U.S. Secret Service on Friday defended its handling of security during a massive rally in downtown Dallas for Barack Obama, saying there was no ‘lapse’ in its ‘comprehensive and layered security plan,’ which called for some people to be checked for weapons, while others were not.

“’There were no security lapses at that venue,’ said Eric Zahren, a spokesman for the Secret Service in Washington. He added there was ‘no deviation’ from the ‘comprehensive and layered” security plan, implemented in “very close cooperation with our law enforcement partners.’”

[ … ]

“‘It was never a part of the plan at this particular venue to have each and every person in the crowd pass through the Magnetometer,’ said Zahren, referring to the device used to detect metal in clothing and bags.

“He declined to give the reason for checking people for weapons at the front of the lines and letting those farther back go in without inspection.”

This bozo said it was “never part of the plan” to check the entire crowd for guns, knives, nuclear devices, etc. Only some of it. The first half of it. Right. That’s because … why? Because … oh wait! I’ve got it!

They got tired. It was too hard. And we all know how Bush and his minions feel about hard.

Publicly, the Obama campaign is graciously saying nothing negative about this appalling situation. Let’s hope, however, that privately all hell is breaking loose. To purposely leave Barack Obama – or any other presidential candidate – vulnerable to a psycho with a gun in this day and age is, to put it baldly, disgusting. Horrifying. There simply is no excuse.

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