06 February 2008

Jay II

Because I like it so much, and because Patrick couldn't see it for some reason, here's my photo of the Stellar's jay again. I absolutely love these jays. They yell and holler at each other -- and everything else -- high up in the fir trees early in the morning, and while you can't see them in this shot, they have the most wonderful electric blue eyebrows. I first got to know these jays on a backpacking trip up in the Desolation Wilderness, which is about 25 miles east of here, wayyyy up in the Sierra. I was delighted when we moved here and, though it's only about 700 feet higher than where we'd lived in Placerville, discovered we were in Stellar's jay territory. They truly are my favorite birds.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Spectacular! I'm home now & both pics show up fine here.

Mike Kretzler said...

Stellar's Jays are the standard jay around these parts (south Puget Sound, Wash.). They certainly are loud and active. As for favorites, I prefer Scrub Jays, which we sometimes see around here, too.