28 December 2007

Working the inner Finn

As happy as my inner Finn was to see the snow, my inner house-mouse did not want to deal with the work of staying warm in it. However, in a house heated only with a woodstove, one has to face the fact that one will have to cart in wood. Fortunately, last season Mr. Wren and I found this actual woodcart for the wood carting. It holds a lot of wood. I appreciate not having to carry all that wood into the house in the sling carrier, like I used to.
Bringing in the wood on snowy days starts with shoveling a path from the door to the woodpile through the snow. Since we cleverly hid the snow shovel when there was no longer any chance of snow last spring, and I had no idea where, I used a broom to sweep a path through this first snowfall of the season. Fortunately, there was only about an inch-and-a-half. Then I sprinkled de-icer granules so I wouldn't slip and break my arm. Or my stupid head.
I filled the woodcart up with nice dry, seasoned almond and cherry wood and rolled it around the corner...
... and across the patio to the slider, then into the house.
By this time I was warm enough that I was wondering why I felt it nessary to bring more wood in at all. Who needs heat? Just sweep snow and fill woodcarts! But I did my duty, emptying the cart into the woodring by the stove, then going out for another load and bringing it in, too. Now the house will stay nice and warm through the next storm, which I hear is on its way tonight. Snow? Or just rain? Who knows. Either way, I'm covered.

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