23 September 2006


I'm all a-twitter. Ask the fledgling -- just a little while ago I was running through the house, waving a couple of pages in my hand and saying, "A Big Fat Slob loves me!"

"You shouldn't talk about Dad that way," she said.

"No! Not him! A Big Fat Slob! He chose me for his Blog of the Week!"

"Oh." She read Slob's kind words. "Cool," she said, and went back to playing Mass Murder in Space on the computer.

"Well, I think it is. He's a really, really good writer and an astute thinker, and I'm honored," I said, and wandered back down the hall.

I really am. I love writing, but it can be a lonely business. You spend a lot of time in your own mind, in your own little world, and until someone else takes the time to read and notice what you wrote, you don't know if you've really succeeded in making your point or telling the story. Blogging is a delightful way to put it out there and let the comments fly. It doesn't matter if they're praising you or panning you, they're reading you, and that's what counts.

Thank you, Slobby, for all those nice things you said about me. You made my day. And welcome, readers of A Big Fat Slob, one of the best blogs out there.

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Anonymous said...

My pleasure, I'm sure. But no need to thank me for the kind words, your work earns that kind of respect.