22 September 2006


So let me get this straight.

The United States of America will be the first country since the Geneva Conventions were created to pass laws saying we get to ignore them and torture anyway, neener neener neeeeener!

My god, I’m proud.

So our Democratic leaders are pleased John McCain and their Republican Daddies stepped up and found a way to rewrite the torture legislation so it sounds a little more ... delicate. That’s nice.

They can all crawl back under their beds now, one thumb in their mouths and the other up their butts, like usual. The whole bunch of them ought be real worried about their jobs, come 2008. I don't know about my fellow Democrats, but I'm not going to vote for a single Democratic incumbent.

I know. It hardly matters anymore whether I vote or not. But at least I can still do that. For now.

Codpiece never cared how Congress would vote on the terror legislation one way or another, of course. Cuz he tortures if he wants to, period, just as he eavesdrops on us if he wants to.

Laws? Hah! Who cares about stinkin’ laws?

He’s the Decider. He was just gonna add one o’them handy little signing statements to the bottom of the legislation saying he didn’t have to follow the law if he didn’t want to, anyway. So there.

And now, he doesn’t even have to do that.

Tristero, over at Digby’s Hullabaloo says,

“So tell me, my fellow Americans:

"How does it feel knowing that your government will pass laws permitting the violation of the Geneva Conventions against torture?

"How does it feel knowing the taxes you pay from money you earned are going towards the salary of legally sanctioned torturers?

"How does it feel knowing that the only political party with an organization large enough to stand in opposition to the American fascists in charge of this country's legislature and executive were actually boasting that they were not going to get involved in one of the most important moral debates of our time?

“And how does it feel to have George W. Bush, that paragon of moral probity, mental stability, and well-informed intelligence, granted the legal right to determine what is and isn't torture?”

I don’t know about you, but I feel ashamed.

Update: I understand that a vote on the torture legislation has not yet been taken by the full House and Senate, but that the Republicans are now all singing the same song, basically giving Bush what he wants: A legal by-your-leave to torture people. This means that there's still a chance that this legislation might not pass into law, but without a mighty roar of outrage from the People of the United States of America and from the Democratic Party, it's pretty much a done deal. Call your senators and tell them how you feel about America taking its place among the other countries that sanction torture, like Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

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Wil Morat said...

What a great but disturbing image you paint..."crawl back under their beds..."

In case you haven't already seen this article:


Hence, I'm still trying to figure out why anyone thought Hugo Chavez's remarks were "offensive."