16 August 2006

Terror by propaganda

Call me a cynic, but could there be any good reason for the City of New York to release 1,600 more Sept. 11 emergency calls to the public at this time? Complete with a gut-wrenching MP3?

Just weeks prior to the fifth anniversary of that national tragedy?

Could it be because it’s just a week after a big media brouhaha (now predictably absent the headlines) about an alleged British Muslim terrorist plot to blow up a bunch of airliners over the Atlantic with liquid explosives hidden in toothpaste tubes and shampoo bottles?

Which was released to the public just a week after Joe Lieberman lost his primary race to Ned Lamont in Connecticut, indicating a deep, abiding disgust with Vichy Democrats and in-bed-with-Bush Republicans?

And just days after a cease-fire agreement went into effect between Israel and Hizbullah, ending the wicked war on unarmed civilians, mainly in Lebanon. Israel and the U.S. say the cease-fire agreement means they won the conflict. Of course, so does Hizbullah. The world knows who really won.

OK. I’m sure, now.

This is terrorism perpetrated by our own government on us, the American people.

It’s terrorism in the form of propaganda, crafted to make us very, very afraid. We’ve already shown we’re so easily frightened that we’ll vote with our wide, yellow back-stripes showing. We’ll go to the polls using our reptile brains, instead of our reasoning brains.

Wake up, America. Please.


Kevin Wolf said...

While I do think these tactics have diminishing returns for Bush Co, I think they'll keep plugging, looking for that one something or other "alert" that works.

roxtar said...

Hey, everybody, look over there! An arrest in the Jon Benet Ramsay case!

Jesus, there must be some big bad news for the administration in the pipeline.

The Heretik said...

Imagination may conquer fear, but fear has a pretty good head start here.