02 August 2006

Summer time

Hi, all.

Blue Wren’s been extra blue lately, so that’s why no new posts for a while.

Very very busy at work, and on top of it, the summer heat, which just sucks away my energy and makes me lethargic and dull.

I’ve always been this way. Summer is my bad season.

But autumn is coming, and with it, fresh energy. It doesn’t actually arrive here until about the third week in October, and from the floppy, oppressed vantage point of the first week in August, those nippy, pumpkin-and-frost nights, the sweet, sharp, astringent smell of evergreen and wood smoke in the air, sound like forever away.

Summer days are 27 hours long. Each hour lasts 90 minutes. Each minute takes 120 seconds to pass. Each second ... well.

That, of, course, is only during the work day. Once I’m home at night, time flip-flops and it all moves much, much faster. The hours from when I pull into the carport until I go to bed last about 56 minutes, tops.

I swear.


The Heretik said...

Seems like a long time, seems like a long time, seems like a long, long time.

A Big Fat Slob said...

Oh, I KNOW that feeling. Although the deep winter is my bad spot.

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