04 April 2009


When I was a young adult and my idealism less battered by experience and disappointment, I believed that problems could always be solved without resorting to violence. I wish it could be so, but I no longer believe that as a species we'll ever really accomplish it. There will always be one person in the group who won't go along. Peace -- real peace -- doesn't seem to be part of our internal make-up.

And yet ... and yet ...

Maybe it's just a matter of changing weapons. And then sharing a drink.

Tipping my hat to Sully, again. He always finds the best videos.


blue girl said...

That was great, Wren.

It just makes the thought of human beings pointing guns at other human beings and actually pulling the triggers seem so... barbaric. And crazy. Crazy!

I was over at Kent State last week, visiting my old stomping grounds, and walked over to the May 4 memorial. The thought of the Nat'l Guard shooting randomly into a crowd of students like that STILL is unbelievable to me. And MORE unbelievable are the people I've heard DEFEND the Nat'l Guard.

It's a crazy world.

Wren said...

It sure is, BG. I don't think we humans would still be around, though, if there weren't so many of us who would never pull that trigger. Thank goodness for that.

Bill Stankus said...

Here ya go!

Featherweights: Detroit police halt pillow fight
From Associated Press
April 04, 2009 8:29 PM EDT

DETROIT - Police in Detroit have ruffled some feathers after they cracked down on an organized pillow fight at a downtown park.

The Detroit News reports that police at Campus Martius Park prevented the feathery fight Saturday by disarming pillow-toting participants. The bout was part of a worldwide event organized on social networking Web sites.

Michael Davis of Hamtramck says police confiscated the 32-year-old man's pillows but returned their cases. He says he was told that he needed a permit.

Scott Harris of Ferndale told the News that it's "not illegal to own a pillow."

Detroit police spokesman James Tate says cleanup was the issue.

Wren said...

Awwww phooey.