04 March 2009

Unexpected smiling

Nothing much has inspired me to post here lately. Sorry about that; I've been stuck in the doldrums, but I'm digging myself out bit by bit. We can all use a bit of help at times like this -- and look what I ran across this morning at Sully's blog:

By the time that video ended I was grinning and shaking my head in delight at what I'd just seen AND at the sheer audacity and optimism making the ad must have taken. THEN I saw how they did it:

I completely agree with the lady at the end of the second video.

If you have a few minutes and need a lift, watch the first video. If you want to really do some unexpected and sustained smiling, do watch both.

1 comment:

Bill Stankus said...

Very nice! Good find ... I loved the reactions of the people who made the piece, they really enjoyed what went down.