23 November 2007

Happy Day After Turkey Day! Recovery is ongoing.

The celebration of family, good food and good friends was here at the Wren's Nest for the first time this year. I roasted and mixed and cuisinarted all morning, then uncorked a bottle of wine at noon and managed -- three generous glasses of cold white plonk later -- to get everything on the table piping hot.

I had help. Three generations of females -- family and friends -- crowded into my wee kitchen and chopped apples, sliced cheese and salami, and tossed salads. In the end, the feast itself was the only organized part of the day, but we all had a lot fun.

Mr. Wren contributed sprays of maple leaves for vases, bringing Autumn indoors for us. The woodstove blazed and soon had us opening all the windows and fanning ourselves. DVDs of "The Matrix" made up the background noise. We had lots of people here, lots of laughter and lots of love. What more can you ask from life than this?

Well, OK. Now that it's over, a foot massage?

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Max Rainey said...

My darling, you have been tagged!

yours in the struggle,