17 October 2007

Still time to share



According to this little test, I've got a few years left before I move on to the next level. I'm at 61 percent of my total lifespan (I guessed pretty well in the previous post when I said I'm a bit over halfway through) and it pleased me to know that (according to these Harvard experts, at least) I'll live six years longer than the average female lifespan. I wonder what 2040 will be like?

Thanks to MichaelBains at Silly Humans for the smile.


Ronald 'More-More' Moshki said...

uh, the little girl who said: "They're back" thought she was gonna live past 10.

MichaelBains said...



A Big Fat Slob said...

Thanks for this -- I took a similar test a couple of weeks ago and it came back with a startlingly-soon DOD. This one (with many more questions) gives me until into my 90s. Still too short, but more palatable. Good thing I have enough self-deception to pick and choose which meaningless on-line tests I believe . . . . ;)