04 July 2007

A president in name only

Keith Olbermann commented last night about the Bush presidency and the state of our nation on the eve of Independence Day:

Olbermann is a fine speech writer and an inspiring orator, and I'm glad and grateful that he's not afraid to speak the words most of the citizens of this country are thinking. People like him are (were?) vital to our democracy.

But I've learned over the last six long years that Bush, Cheney and the current administration don't pay the slightest bit of attention to the people of this nation. Olbermann's words should shame these dishonest men deeply, but you and I know they don't. This administration has no honor and no respect for the people they have sworn to serve.

What a terrible thing they've done to America. It's Independence Day, but it's more clear than ever that the American dream that came alive that day in 1776 is dying -- and in fact, may have breathed its last yesterday when Bush commuted the just and fair prison sentence of his henchman Lewis Libby.

I find nothing to celebrate this year.

Tip o’the hat to The Carpetbagger Report for posting the video and transcript.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Funny, I've never considered myself a person of any special talent or perspective when it comes to politics; I've always been more focused on other things. But, maybe I do have some kind of ability for insight. Why? Because I was not surprised at all to see "Scooter" off the hook via GW. I mean, didn't you expect this to happen? Didn't Olbermann?

This was an important, high-profile case; true. But, presidents have been pardoning people all the way back to Washington. My father likes to point out that Lincoln pardoned Lee and Davis after the civil war -- two guys responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of US soldiers.

Blue Wren said...

Sadly, yes, I did expect it.I imagine that Olbermann did, too.

But I still held out hope that perhaps this time, Bush would show some honor and respect for the people and the laws of this country by letting Libby serve his sentence. Did I know that Bush and Cheney didn't want Libby to talk? That Bush might pardon him (he didn't, he commuted the sentence, but it comes to the same thing in the end)as part of a deal with Libby? Yeah, I knew it.

Other presidents have pardoned people, yes. Lee and Davis, it could be argued, were responsible for deaths that came because of a war, however. Both sides in that war racked up deaths by the thousands.

I'm disgusted and angered by this latest vicious swipe at the underpinnings of America's foundations by this president. And frustrated, too, because there's not a damned thing we can do about it but sit and watch.