17 March 2007

Defiant blue flim

Can you believe it, Blue Wren hit the magic 10,000 page loads this morning!

My 10,000th visitor was a Canadian from Toronto, Ontario who’d googled “blasocyst images.” Boy, was he/she surprised when Blue Wren didn’t have pictures of naked blasocysts! He/she left again really fast!

Writing this blog has been a lot of fun since I started in April last year. Fun, but good for me, too, as I finally have a way to express my opinions about the world and what’s been going on in it in a slightly more effective way than simply grumping at the talking heads on TV.

So far, no one’s come forward with the big bucks offering to hire me as a pundit. Damn! But I’ll persevere.

While I’d like to think it’s my scintillating writing and erudite opinions that bring readers to Blue Wren, I must bow to reality. The one post that really bags ‘em is one I wrote way back, titled “The last great act of defiance”. It refers, in passing, to a funny old photocopy that I remember made the office rounds in the late 70s. It depicted a defiant mouse flipping off an eagle in the moment before the eagle creamed him. The post actually has to do with defying Bush’s warrantless wiretappers with a reminder of Americans’ 4th Amendment rights, but the mouse and eagle have lured 371 curious readers this way, most of them looking for the poster.

The words “blue wren” are next up, at 330 page loads. These seem to be from bird-loving people searching for information about the actual bird. There is such a thing – the blue fairy wren is native to Australia. It’s tiny and quick and quite beautiful, as you can see from the photo.

After that, at 60 page loads, is “blue flim.” Most of these inadvertent visitors are from India who find themselves reading my fairly recent post “Deadly flim flam,” in which I ranted on about the Bush administration’s continued defiance of the will of the people. I was puzzled at first about the relatively high number of page loads on this one – and from readers from India! -- until I realized that they were actually looking for “blue film.” Yeah, I’m a little slow. I’m sure they’ve been disappointed, but I hope a few of them stuck around to read anyway.

My messy desk contest, written one night when I wanted to write but couldn’t think of anything to write about, comes in next with 53 page loads. Only one person actually took up my challenge of describing a messier desk than mine, though, and while I promised my old copy of the Hammond World Atlas as a prize to the winner, I think my desk was a lot messier than his. So I still have the atlas, but the contest is open-ended if you’d like to give it a shot.

Next come more bird-lovers, looking for “wren.” And on it goes.

My own personal favorite posts are way down on the list. “Stench” is one. “Sweet Cheeks” is another.

I obviously haven’t mastered that tricky key word usage. At the moment, I’m taking lessons from the High Poobah of Key Words, Grant Miller. To see what I mean, take a look at his blog. He’s shameless. And hilarious.

My real point here is to thank you all, even all you flim seekers, for stopping by. It’s been great. And I plan to keep on writing. The whole experience is simply magical.


Mike Kretzler said...

Probably right. And, I cleaned up the desk last weekend. Not worth describing at all, now.

Madison Guy said...

Congratulations on reaching your milestone, and thanks for the blue wren pic. Here's another blue flim.