24 January 2007

Soaring fledgling

Got a text message on my cell today from the fledgling -- she's created her own blog and wanted me to tell her how to link to Blue Wren.

Well, I sure wasn't going to type instructions into that teensy cell phone keypad, so I'll show her later. But I do think it's quite wonderful and very cool and rad and all that she's started her own blog, so I just had to boast a little here.

She's a fabulous artist of immense talent -- and she's a danged good writer too. Flew right on past me in both talents quite some time back, actually. Do go visit her at When Dragons Laugh, welcome her to the blogosphere, and enjoy her art and her writing. She's funny, astute, one of the kindest-hearted people I know, and of course, I think she's beautiful, inside and out. I'm not biased at all.

Oh. And she's ... illustrated. The photo above is Herself.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Wow. If my mother ever read my blog, she'd have a heart attack -- esp. if she read my views on religion.

Dragon Laugh said...

"Flew right on past me in both talents quite some time back, actually."

Awwww! I'm not so sure I agree with that one, but thank you! :) I just updated things a bit- go look!

Connie said...

Your fledgling seems to be doing very well for herself. Congrats from one Mom to another! Why I think I'll go say hello...